Episode 2 - Lidia Yuknavitch

Lidia Yuknavitch writes about sex, violence and art. And she does so in a way that will undo you. She breaks language down to the level of the quantum to expose entangled flashes of creation, destruction and transformation. You will never be the same after reading her work. She's built a devoted fan base throughout the Pacific Northwest as an author and teacher. And the rest of the world is catching on. Finally.  Her book The Chronology of Water changed the way memoir was written and sent shockwaves through the literary world. Her newest novel The Small Backs of Children begins with a photographer snapping a shot of a girl in war-torn Eastern Europe narrowly-escaping a bomb that kills her entire family. And then the book gets really intense. 

Here we discuss writing through the body, the limitations of mythological archetypes, gender fluidity and overcoming the immovable rage of father.