Episode 59 - Emily Bingham

Emily Bingham is a writer, rope instructor, model, and professional pervert. 

As a writer she strives to weave fantasies that will turn-on her readers. As a rope instructor she works to bring new skills into the bedroom of her clients so they can make their fantasies come true. It’s all about desire in both of the worlds she inhabits. Recently she combined her two greatest passions into one unique and exciting book: Diary of a Rope Slut.

As a kinkster, teacher, model, and writer Emily's love affair with words has been going on since as long as she could hold a book in her hands.  Along the way she realized she could make up her own stories about anything; this eventually turned to writing dirty tales.  It was, and still is, a safe and exciting way for her to explore the boundaries of desire and sexuality. Emily particularly enjoys writing about characters or situations that aren’t often depicted in sexy stories, so that people of all shapes, genders, interests and fetishes are represented.

When she's not writing, Emily is a significant part of the rope community in Portland, Oregon where she teaches classes and facilitates monthly rope groups.  

Follow her at the usual fine social media outlets or friend her on Fetlife.