Episode 39 - Bryan Rill

Bryan Rill is many things. He is the president of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness: a group of academics that study the nature of consciousness from an anthropological perspective. He is a leader in the field of conscious design. He also has ties in the worlds of robotics, biomimicry, quantum physics, shamanism, electronica and cultural anthropology. But this is not the primary reason we brought him on the show.

Several years ago, Bryan suffered a horrible accident that left him without the ability to use most of his brain. He has, quite literally, rebuilt himself from the ground up. A walking model of physical, intellectual and psychic transformation, we thought his story would be perfect for the show. He credits a lot of things for his remarkable recovery, including his commitment to walking the path of Shugendo Buddhism that he learned under some pretty intense Japanese masters. It is a wide-ranging conversation that we hope you will enjoy!