Episode 38 - Ríos De La Luz

Rios De La Luz is a force to be reckoned with. An outsider coming at you from the very center of her experience, she tells stories of her xicana heritage that are as wild and diverse as the day is long. Rios is a queer xicana/chapina living in Oregon. She is brown and proud. She is always working on decolonizing her mind and being louder. She is in love with her bruja/activist communities in LA, San Antonio and El Paso. She is the author of, The Pulse Between Dimensions and The Desert via Ladybox Books. Her work has been featured in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Entropy, The Fem Lit Magazine, World Literature Today and St. Sucia.

Here we discuss her evolving relationship to her xicana identity, the Portland writing scene and the complexities of being embraced by predominantly white communities, and how time travel and Dr. Who are as much a part of her identity as is The Day of the Dead and her ancestral roots.