Episode 57 - Dr. Catherine Svehla

Dr. Catherine Svehla is a cultural mythologist, storyteller, artist, and activist with a PhD in Mythological Studies. She draws on her knowledge of mythology and psychology to bring the story to life and share insight into the contemporary meaning of the tale. She uses myths and stories as the catalyst for conversation, group discussion, and shared reflection. Her goal is to teach as well as entertain, and to provoke thought as well as laughter. Among other projects, she runs the Mythic Mojo project that seeks to create a mini-revolution in consciousness by helping individuals explore the mythic dimensions of their lives. She states, 

"I’m calling for a mini-revolution because I think the old images of big and loud and violent have outlived their usefulness. I think that’s time for us to appreciate the quietly powerful, the tiny but significant, and the subversive nuance. As James Hillman says, “Think subtly, act simply.” Welcome to Mythic Mojo and the mini-revolution in consciousness."

Here, we discuss the significance of myth in the modern world, how stories are templates for engaging authentic human experience, and the transformational power of mythological consciousness.