Episode 22 - Mo Daviau

Mo Daviau (pronounced DAH-vee-oh) was born in 1976 to a very unusual couple in a widely disliked city in California. A graduate of Smith College and the Helen Zell Writers' Program at the University of Michigan, she now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her stuffed crocodile.

Her new novel, Every Anxious Wave, is the coolest time travel/90s indie rock novel you haven't read yet. A wild romp of a love story across time, interweaving astrophysics and indie rock, it follows the exploits of two friends who discover a wormhole in their closet and use it to sell time travel packages for people to visit their favorite rock shows of the past. 

Mo is quick-witted, funny and a damn fine writer. She reminds us of the aspects of writing that involve craft, discipline and hard work. She is also a survivor. Women like her take a lot of heat for walking to their own drum beat. And her courage in the face of some pretty awful shit should be a reminder to us all of the real importance of community and art in the process of transformation. Her story is ultimately one of triumph. But not before taking her through some insanely dark places.  It is a great conversation that covers a lot of ground. Buy her book. Read it. And also, listen to people when they tell you their abuse stories. We owe each other at least that much.