Episode 58 - Caleb Stephens

Caleb Stephens is a therapist and activist in Lawerence, Kansas. He is the founder of Identifight, which he describes as "created to exemplify self-identity, encouragement, resilience, mental-health, activism, value, Hope, Truth, Justice, and empowerment."

Caleb has been an active participant in the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM-LFK): protesting police brutality towards people of color and the rising tide of indifference among the larger population at these atrocities. Recently, he spoke at a City Council meeting in Lawrence, Kansas. And then his life got really interesting.

He is a new kind of social justice warrior that is rewriting the script on how our intersections of race, gender, ability and class come together to make us who we are. Caleb is committed to bring the margins to the center. And to him, there is no neutral when it comes to creating a society that is safe, accessible and abundant with opportunity for all.

In this conversation, we discuss the horrors of "C-Day" and the move towards "Indigenous Peoples' Day," the necessity of creating spaces for people to feel safe and validated, toxic masculinity and the myth of binary supremacy, and how Luke Cage is a step forward in rewriting the script on Black heroes and bulletproof dreams. We were so honored to have him on the program...