Episode 25 - Sean Davis

Sean Davis is not a politician. But he is running to be the next mayor of Portland, Oregon. In a year of political outsiders and upside down campaign logic, he just might have a shot. Sean is an Iraqi War veteran, a Purple Heart recipient, and an accomplished author, artist and volunteer firefighter. He is also the Post Commander at the American Legion Post 134 in the Alberta Arts district in NE Portland. Sean believers art can save lives, because it helped to save his. The guy is a friggen' force of nature. Sean sees human need and suffering and throws himself into addressing it with such wild abandon; with little regard for his own personal safety.  

In this conversation, we discuss his background as a soldier and a civil servant and what it taught him about the real nature of participatory democracy. Sean is not a savior. He is not the traditional hero who has come to rescue us from ourselves. He is an organizer and a soldier; an artist who has found a calling to engaged servant leadership. A vote for Sean is a vote to transform the way politics is done on the local level. Our communities will succeed only when we get involved beyond the ballot box and take charge of our own destinies. Our own resources. Our own process.

On the Block Radio usually stays away from politics. Our issues are more evergreen and touch on the eternal aspects of human consciousness and spiritual transformation. But at the end of the day, if we are not involved in changing our communities and limiting human suffering, we are on the sidelines of a struggle as old as civilization itself. 

Shout out to Matthew Robinson for help with the research and questions for this episode. Matthew is another flawless writer and veteran. Like we always say, look to the person to your right or left, often they will amaze you with their story and their talent. 

Check out Sean's book here.