Episode 43 - Jennifer Pastiloff Taleghany

Jennifer Pastiloff Taleghany, Beauty Hunter, Is The Founder Of  The Manifest-Station, a website that uses writing, yoga, social media and activism to save and change lives. With millions of followers, Jen is a true champion of change, and a voice for compassionate transformation in a world that so desperately needs more of both. 

She is a writer and yoga teacher living with her husband in Los Angeles when she’s not on an airplane. She travels the world with her unique workshop: The Manifestation Workshop: On Being Human-a hybrid of yoga, writing, sharing out loud, and occasionally a dance party. It's an experience that has been described as distinctly NOT "woo-woo," unpredictable, heart-mending and sometimes messy- just like life. You do not have to be a good yogi, or writer. Just a human being with a body. Jen has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, CBS News and more for her unique style of teaching. She’s developed a massive and loyal following from her personal essays. She studied poetry and writing at NYU and Bucknell University and is currently finishing her first book.

In this episode, we discuss how her hearing loss has taught her more about her deepest self than one would think possible, the joys and terrors of new motherhood, and how she went from being a waitress with a dream to one of the world's most vital and catalytic agents of the discipline of self-love...with an even bigger dream. We were delighted she took some time to speak with us. 

Episode 35 - Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

Gurucharan Khalsa, PhD, LPC  (khalsa@chapman.edu)

Gurucharan is an expert in the design and delivery of applications of meditation and controlled breathing. He is the author of several texts on yoga and meditation including the recent “The 21 Stages of Meditation”- read and used as for meditation training worldwide. He is currently Research Professor in Contemplative Science and Transdisciplinary Dialogue at Chapman University. 

He works with the Fish Interfaith Center and the Institute of Quantum Studies to explore the nature of consciousness and human potential using meditation and the insights of science. He continues a broad based consulting and clinical counseling practice and co-authored The Psychospiritual Clinician’s Handbook.

Whether in his clinical psychology practice, his workshops on meditation, leadership or the nature of consciousness, his delight is in the application of simple, immediate and effective tools that elevate well-being and solve the daily challenges of modern life. He guides people and designs programs for intuitive decision making, personal and spiritual development, and all the challenges of stress and mood. Gurucharan has a distinctive ability to teach from 45 years of personal meditation experience while maintaining the pragmatic approach of a clinician and the skeptical approach of a researcher. His doctorate in counseling psychology, graduate studies in math and engineering and his immersion in the study and understanding of classical eastern techniques have both served his commitment to elevate people and bridge science and the human spirit.

Gurucharan is the acknowledged expert in Kundalini Yoga and he worked with Yogi Bhajan to found the Kundalini Research Institute and was its Director of Training for many years. He co-authored Breathwalk and The Mind with Yogi Bhajan. He is known for his energetic, insightful and humorous presence that delivers experiences that hit the heart and stay with your soul.

Dr Khalsa and his wife Genie Khalsa reside peacefully along the river in South Water Front in Portland, Oregon.

To contact for consults, training or other inquiries: khalsa@chapman.edu

We are proud to call him a friend of the show and an agent par excellence of creativity and transformation. Here, we discuss the quantum revolution and its implications for the understanding of consciousness, the scientific basis for practicing yoga and meditation, and how creativity is the bridge to the universal within ourselves.