Channing Tatum

Episode 7 - Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz is an Olympic gold medalist, a pioneer in MMA fighting and the subject of the book and film Foxcatcher. He is considered one of the greatest competitive wrestlers in the history of the sport. His brother, Dave Schultz, was also one of the greatest Olympic wrestlers of all time and was murdered in the prime of his life by the billionaire madman John DuPont. Mark's story is recounted in the book Foxcatcher, which was made into an Academy Award-nominated film in 2014 starring Steve Carrell as John DuPont, Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz and Mark Ruffalo as Dave Schultz.

Mark is a bright, disciplined and confident guy. He rose to the top of his profession, had his life shattered to pieces, and rebuilt it brick by brick with a level of determination and will that few of us will ever know. He is not the usual kind of guest we have on the program, but his life demonstrates the concept of what the show is about in its own unique way. Mark's story is one of turning tragedy into triumph, of transforming unimaginable loss into a life of meaning and self-respect. And in that regard, he is a model for us all.