Disability Rights

Episode 15 - Jerry McGill

Most of us have a hard enough time staring our deepest fears directly in the face. But imagine having your deepest fear shoot you in the back at the age of 13, leave you paralyzed for life, and then walk off into the night, never to be heard or seen again? And imagine then, after a lifetime of struggle, writing a book to the person who shot you. An open letter that ultimately forgives the person for what they did, but not before taking them on a journey through a life of loss, grief, humor and hard-fought redemption.

This is no feel good story. Jerry McGill is bone and flesh. Grace born of fire. But he’s got a secret to share with the rest of us. How should we go through the world? How do we define ourselves? What is the meaning of “disability” and why do we create categories of people based on what they cannot do? It is a riveting and transformative conversation. Like we try to do around here…

Check out Jerry’s book here

Show Music:

"Poor Boy" by R.L. Burnside

"Inhaler" by Foals