Lead poisoning

Episode 11 - Tamara Rubin

Several years ago, Tamara Rubin's two sons were poisoned with lead from unsafe painting practices used by a contractor working on her home. Both children continue to face challenges from the entirely preventable illness. Tamara has since become an internationally recognized, award-winning* lead-poisoning prevention advocate and documentary filmmaker. In 2008 she began her personal advocacy site, mychildrenhaveleadpoisoning.com. In 2011 she founded the nonprofit Lead Safe America Foundation and began working on the film MisLEAD.

Since then, Tamara has created a strong web and media presence for the cause of lead-poisoning prevention, in an effort to bring this message to the world. She is committed to educating every parent about this wholly preventable environmental illness that causes permanent brain damage in young children yet still today conservatively costs the United States more than $50.9 Billion annually! Through her advocacy work, Tamara has personally helped thousands of families create safer homes and environments for their children. Here, we discuss what it was like for her to come to terms with what happened to her sons and how she turned that tragedy into a life of purpose, meaning and activism.