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Episode 17 - Bo Rinaldi

When we started On The Block Radio, we made a list of all of the people we knew or knew about whose lives represent the very best of what transformation and elevated consciousness could be in the world. So far, we have been fortunate to have had many of those people on the show. Today, we add another name to that list. Bo Rinaldi is many things, but easy to define is not one of them. He has already managed to cram more into a single lifetime than many of us could in three lives. An entrepreneur,  angel investor, and lifelong activist, he is one of the originators of the organic food movement in this country and the former owner of the world-famous Blossoming Lotus restaurants. Now he has turned his attention to  the fuel industry. Bo lives by the mantra, "Food, Fuel and Fun." In this interview, you will see why. Here we discuss the origins of vegetarianism in the theories of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, the time Peter Coyote called him to recruit him into the infamous Diggers, and how he has managed to stay an active and committed change agent for over 5 decades. 


Cosmic Egg by Wolfmother

Lord of Light / The Black Corridor by Hawkwind

White Bird by It's a Beautiful Day

Expansion  by Father Yod and the Spirit of '76

Episode 16- Stanley Krippner

Well, we end the year with the Gandalf of paranormal research. Stanley Krippner has over 50 years of experience as one of the world's most recognized humanist psychologists. He has authored hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and a few dozen books on topics including dream research, shamanism, indigenous cultures, and consciousness studies.

His newest book, The Voice of Rolling Thunder, is a firsthand account of a controversial and enigmatic medicine man whose life and work influenced people from Buckminister Fuller to Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead.

Stanley is a deep well of wisdom and story. A celebrated academic with a heart as big as his incomparable body of work. Here, we discuss the healing potential of psychedelics, his good friend Dr. Christopher Ryan, and how the concept of shamanism has been misapplied to the point of cultural appropriation and the academic "disappearing" of indigenous identity.

Stanley is a compassionate, engaged and transformative scholar and we are so thrilled to end our first year of existence with him. Enjoy! 

Episode 15 - Jerry McGill

Most of us have a hard enough time staring our deepest fears directly in the face. But imagine having your deepest fear shoot you in the back at the age of 13, leave you paralyzed for life, and then walk off into the night, never to be heard or seen again? And imagine then, after a lifetime of struggle, writing a book to the person who shot you. An open letter that ultimately forgives the person for what they did, but not before taking them on a journey through a life of loss, grief, humor and hard-fought redemption.

This is no feel good story. Jerry McGill is bone and flesh. Grace born of fire. But he’s got a secret to share with the rest of us. How should we go through the world? How do we define ourselves? What is the meaning of “disability” and why do we create categories of people based on what they cannot do? It is a riveting and transformative conversation. Like we try to do around here…

Check out Jerry’s book here

Show Music:

"Poor Boy" by R.L. Burnside

"Inhaler" by Foals

Episode 14 - Sister Outsider Poetry

Sister Outsider Poetry is an award-winning duo representing some of the top performance poets in the world, Dominique Christina and Denice Frohman. Their tour marks the first time that two Women of the World Poetry Slam Champions have paired up. They have appeared on 10 national poetry slam finals stages and have seven championships collectively. 

Inspired by the life and work of Audre Lorde, they write and perform their "otherness" into the center and use spoken word as a tool for social change. What they bring to a performance will either rip you wide open or stitch you back up, depending on where you stand in relation to the dark side of the American Dream. 

Every so often, you run across someone who changes you forever. For the rest of your life, you will be able to think about yourself, the continuity of your lived experience, as existing in two distinct halves: the time before you met person "X" and the time after. If we are lucky, we meet several people like this along the journey. For us at OTB, Sister Outsider Poetry fits this description perfectly. And then some. 

Spend a few minutes with them and we think you will see why. 

Episode 1 - Adam Klugman

Adam Klugman is the son of the late actor Jack Klugman. But he is so much more than that. He is the former host of "Mad as Hell in America" and the founder of "Mad as Hell Doctors" that travelled the country in 2008 to promote single payer healthcare. I used to sit in awe and listen to his radio show, especially his now legendary opening monologues. Adam is a passionate, engaging and empathetic presence. I couldn't think of a better guest to kick off the show. Here we discuss living in his father's shadow, the perils of a life of activism, transformative spirituality and a Cards Against Humanity game gone horribly wrong.