Stanley Krippner

Episode 16- Stanley Krippner

Well, we end the year with the Gandalf of paranormal research. Stanley Krippner has over 50 years of experience as one of the world's most recognized humanist psychologists. He has authored hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and a few dozen books on topics including dream research, shamanism, indigenous cultures, and consciousness studies.

His newest book, The Voice of Rolling Thunder, is a firsthand account of a controversial and enigmatic medicine man whose life and work influenced people from Buckminister Fuller to Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead.

Stanley is a deep well of wisdom and story. A celebrated academic with a heart as big as his incomparable body of work. Here, we discuss the healing potential of psychedelics, his good friend Dr. Christopher Ryan, and how the concept of shamanism has been misapplied to the point of cultural appropriation and the academic "disappearing" of indigenous identity.

Stanley is a compassionate, engaged and transformative scholar and we are so thrilled to end our first year of existence with him. Enjoy!